What is Superconscious Leadership? [Video]

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As we journey through the realms of consciousness and spirituality, every once in a while, we encounter a voice that resonates with the profound truths of our existence. Jessika Jake’s presentation at the IANDS 2023 DC Conference was one such experience, illuminating the interconnected paths of near-death experiences, meditation, and the power of healing techniques.

Jessika Jake began her talk with her personal experiences, which include a shallow near-death experience and a transformative quantum change through meditation. These moments were not just events in her life but gateways to a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it. She emphasized the importance of language in conceptualizing and sharing these profound experiences, helping us connect more deeply with the concept of Oneness. An interesting part of Jake’s journey involves Havening Techniques. Originating as a method to harness soothing touch and delta waves for healing, Jake discovered their unexpected potential in facilitating spiritual connections. Through her research and case studies, she found a remarkable success rate in using these techniques to connect with the spiritual realm, offering a new perspective on healing and consciousness. Jake’s insights extend into her professional life, where she blends her spiritual experiences with practical teachings. She integrates concepts like the Barrett Consciousness model and servant leadership into her courses on service management and project management. This approach not only enriches the professional development of her students but also infuses a deeper sense of purpose and consciousness into their learning journey.

Conscious Awareness: The Foundation of All

At the heart of Jake’s presentation is the principle that conscious awareness is the foundation of everything. Even our universe exists in conscious awareness. She advocates for a trauma-informed, quantum-informed approach to leadership, which she playfully terms “TiQi.” This perspective acknowledges the interplay between our physical and spiritual selves (we acknowledge the Quantum Self), emphasizing the omnipresence of love as the fundamental frequency underpinning our existence.

Embracing the Frequency of Love

Jake’s message resonates with a profound truth – love is the foundation of everything: The one truth… THE FOUNDATION ROLE. Her insights remind us that we are not just physical beings navigating a material world but spiritual entities experiencing life through our “biological spacesuits.”


Superconscious Leadership Book

Available online: Superconscious Leadership Book 1

Superconscious Leadership: A New Vision for a Conscious, Compassionate, and Quantum-Informed World

Superconscious leadership is a revolutionary philosophy integrating quantum and trauma-informed principles to guide organizations and society to a more enlightened future.

This book introduces the “TIQI” model – trauma-informed, quantum-informed leadership. Drawing on research in quantum physics and parapsychology, it proposes our universe exists within conscious awareness, with love as the foundational frequency. Leaders are called to meet people with compassion, discerning unhelpful conditioned patterns while eliciting each person’s highest potential.

Grounded in science yet expansive in vision, superconscious leaders see humanity’s journey as one of healing and transcending limitations. They understand universal consciousness expresses through us as incarnated energy in biological “spacesuits.” By dissolving imprinted trauma and ego, our Quantum Selves emerge, achieving flow, wisdom and intuition.

Superconscious leaders live out a 3-fold mission: amplifying love, calling all to return to love, and being guardians of love. They act as catalysts for change, inspiring others to embrace their own purpose.

This is the definitive, foundational guidebook for leaders ready to transform organizations and society based on the principles of unity, compassion, and our shared divinity. It provides a roadmap to shift from fear-based institutions to superconscious organizations aligned with our highest global consciousness.

The future starts now. It begins within each of us. Are you ready to lead the change? This groundbreaking book shows the way.

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