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Training: ITIL 4, PMP, DiSC, Conflict Management and more!

(Circa 1995- present)


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I’m an award winning instructor with international training and speaking experience in the areas of hard skills, soft skills, inner game, and wellness:

  • ITIL-4 Foundations
  • PMP
  • Conflict Management
  • Host Leadership
  • Connect the Dots (linking value co-creation, resilience, purpose, outlook, communication, etc, at all levels of the org and beyond)
  • Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode
  • Polyvagal Theory @ work
  • Brain Healthy Habits
  • Confidence for Realz

…and MORE!

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(Circa 2014-present)

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P.S. Reminding you of your 100% perfect SQ

…that’s our jam too!

EQ based on SQ efficiency through embodiment.

In life and work, connecting to our perfect SQ, our Spiritual Quotient (sometimes referred to as intuitive spirit), can make all the difference from better health outcomes to more efficient, effective and fulfilling decision-making abilities, and more! We invite you to explore this program as well as our EI for the Future of Work training, which is rooted in SQ.

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Contact Jessika Jake

Re: The SQ Workshop

Drop me a line and I’ll personally get back to you as soon as possible!

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We blend quantum perspectives with practical, evidence-backed self-care and purposeful leadership frameworks. Let’s add a pinch of pixie dust to your personal growth. It’s time to supernaturalize your life!

Heartspace SD:

Harnessing the healing power of delta waves and neuroplasticity.

My Spiritual Concierge

(I’m not your coach, I’m your concierge).

Because You Asked:

Fun post-materialistic designs now on Redbubble!

DIY Workshops:

Run a Me on Purpose workshop! (Contact us for more options.)

Here’s How We Tick…

We view personal development as getting better at human-ing: Growing and learning, expanding our capabilities, possibilities, and human potential. Personal development enhances quality of life, career fulfillment, the realization of goals, dreams, aspirations, and contribution. Personal development also ignites many of the dimensions of wellness. We look at wellness across 8 dimensions, with the perspective that we can get better and betterer across 7 of them — growing and improving our physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial, vocational, and intellectual wellness. The 8th dimension, the spiritual dimension, in contrast, is already fundamentally perfect, so rather than “growing” here, the focus is on uncovering and reconnecting with our SQ (spiritual quotient).

In short, considering the phrase human being, the human (who-ness) aspect is all about growing and improving, and the being aspect (what-ness) is already foundationally perfect. Connecting with our SQ provides many benefits to our life, work and the world in which we live — from fulfillment to connection and oneness… from innovation to creativity… to intuition… to extended life expectancy.

We promote best practice models for home and work environments, focusing on people-centric, brain healthy solutions for leadership, learning, and growth. Additionally we encourage and guide people reconnect to that space “beyond” stuff-ness and ego, that is, to connect or reconnect to their fundamentally perfect SQ.


BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation)

BEMER is a patented and FDA-registered consumer medical device that sends a low level electromagnetic field throughout the body in order to safely increase blood flow in micro vessels, often resulting in better disbursement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while eliminating CO2 and promoting healing.

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