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X-Ray Vision for Better Team Dynamics


You know how most of us are expected to collaborate and work together effectively, even though we're never really taught how to understand and appreciate the different personality parts within ourselves and others? That's where DiSC DiSCO™ comes in. Our personality exploration helps you recognize and embrace your own Decisive, influential, Supportive, Conscientious and other personality parts, while also developing your X-ray vision to spot these parts in others. This leads to better results, greater compassion, improved communication, and more effective collaboration.

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Customized Solutions for Unmatched Impact

DiSC remains one of the most utilized workplace personality models - and for good reason. The simple, memorable model efficiently provides X-ray vision into behaviors and motivations. DiSC Disco updates the classic model based on today's neuroscience of personality: We recognize the personality parts within each person, even beyond the D, i, S, and C parts. Our workshops are trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming, and use inclusive language. We are committed to accessible pricing and scholarship options. With custom timing and topics catered to your development goals (eg conflict resolution, communication, etc.), we deliver the value you need, when you need it.

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Let's talk chat about a DiSC Disco option that's suited to your needs, goals, and budget.

Done-For-You Workshops

Choose from virtual or live formats with custom timing (typically 4-8 hours) tailored to your specific goals, such as enhancing conflict resolution, improving sales, etc. We deliver impactful, timely solutions designed around your needs.

Certification Option

Empower your team from within by certifying an internal member, such as an HR professional, to become a DiSC DiSCO facilitator. This path fosters sustainable growth and continuous learning within your organization.

Combo Offering

Experience the best of both worlds with our live training sessions that include certification for an in-house facilitator, amplifying the long-term benefits of DiSC DiSCO within your team.

Unlock the full potential of your team and the results you seek with DiSC DiSCO. Experience a leap in performance, collaboration, and purpose at work through our unique, science-backed approach.

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Hey there!

Let's talk chat about a DiSC Disco option that's suited to your needs, goals, and budget.


Disc Disco

Updated with contemporary neuroscience (multiplicity of mind, a.k.a personality "parts")

Trauma-informed content (covering trauma's effect on personality & behavior AND how to respond)

Neuro-diversity affirming (we all have more than 4 parts, and all parts are welcome)

Participant materials (cost per participant)

$19.99 usd

$85 usd

Cost for getting DiSC DiSCO certified (run your own workshop)

Cost for hiring us to train your team

$995 usd

Contact for standard pricing; we price match

$1200 usd

Standard pricing varies based on customization options. Our commitment to accessible pricing is unmatched.

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Classic DiSC Evolves into the DiSC DiSCO

Originally specifying 4 primary emotional-behavioral mechanisms almost 100 years ago (Marston, 1928), classic DiSC has undergone another round of betterment, meet: DiSC DiSCO™. Offered at an accessible price point, this premier made-for-you DiSC workshop, along with its participant materials, stands out by integrating contemporary neuroscience. It is crafted to honor neurodiversity, utilizes inclusive language, and embeds a trauma-informed approach, ensuring both economic affordability, educational excellence, and results!

Human factors are core drivers of business success, and 4 common personality parts are present in our teams: The decisive part (D), influential part (i), supportive part (S), and conscientious part (C). Which parts are center stage for you? Each video below has been crafted to speak to the common personality parts.

DiSC DiSCO Elevates:

(1) Results

For the part of you that needs to hear about achievements and results!

(2) Morale

For the enthusiastic part of you that likes the cool factor and likes spreading joy.

(3) Synergy

For the enthusiastic part of you that cares about the team environment.

(4) Quality

For the meticulous part of you that digs into tasks and ensures precision.

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