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Too many teams operate in survival mode, because most team members are trapped in a body-wide state of detriment (chronic stress). Higher Mind Leadership offers a way out. We guide leaders and their teams from ever-stressed mode to peak performance and transcendence - the physiological state of sustainable, embodied excellence. By integrating neuroscience-based techniques, knowledge compounding, and global best practice leadership, we help you create an environment where your team doesn't just survive - they thrive, by unearthing their own inner vitality.

Most Higher Mind Leaders recognize the quantum view of consciousness, believing that the foundation of everything is energy (a Plank field, Zero Point Field, etc.) and adopt the Foundation Rule: the 1 truth is the frequency of love. Their missions are heart-centered and love-based.

Even without this quantum perspective, Higher Mind Leaders are heart-centered, servant leaders.

Example: Big Picture View of Higher Mind Leadership

This example embraces the quantum perspective and hence refers to TiQi Leadership (trauma-informed, quantum-informed).

How is your team showing up to work?

Take a holistic, whole-body, integrated look.

The Physiology of Stress (a.k.a. YELLOW):

The Body-wide Effects of Sympathetic Activation

A recent Gallup study revealed that only 31% of employees are actively engaged in their work, leaving a staggering 69% of the workforce disengaged and unfulfilled in their professional lives. But why? A big part of this is likely tied to another stat: 83% of U.S. workers are stuck in chronic stress mode (American Stress Institute). Chronic stress not only impairs cognitive function and emotional well-being but also hinders productivity and innovation.

Unleashing vitality is an inside job. Higher Mind Leadership integrates proven and purposeful best practices in leadership with cutting-edge neuroscience to unveil high performance, engagement, innovation, and well-being in record time. Leading a healthy, happy, high-performing team starts with an escape from ever-stressed mode.

Check out the example roadmap below to learn how to move your team out of chronic crisis mode and into the physiology of vitality.

Sympathetic activation is meant to be a temporary state; a lifesaving quickie shift to mobilization in response to a threat. By staying in this YELLOW state, the body is perpetually sending less oxygenated blood to the smarty pants brain, its keeping body system functions dialed way down (digestion, immunity, reproduction), and over time we see physical and cognitive decline, and even damage to subcellular organelles (mitochondria) and genetic content (eroding telomeres of DNA).

Science-Backed Approaches

Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Approach

Global Best Practice Leadership + Management

Our approach to embodied excellence incorporates contemporary neuroscience, recognizing the physiological states related to productivity, engagement, and flow. This includes: neuro-oscillatory practices, harnessing brain wave patterns to enhance productivity, engagement, and flow states; the science of innovation, intrinsic motivation, and intuition, leveraging research associated with creative breakthroughs, intuitive insights, inspiration, and motivation; multiplicity of mind, recognizing common personality parts, such as those addressed in the DiSC DiSCO™ model, for personal and inter-personal benefits; integrating presence, shifting focus from surface-level "productivity hacks" to the transformative power of integrating I-am presence, a.k.a. "the part that's not a part," Omniversal Self, Quantum Self, Higher Self, etc.

We also share our sought-after knowledge compounding approach: using interconnected models to accelerate learning and insights, dramatically reducing the time needed to acquire and apply new knowledge.

Results That Speak Volumes: For decades, we have been helping individuals and organizations achieve purpose-aligned impact at spectacular levels. For example:

  • 97% – 325% increase in effective hourly rate (more than tripled the bottom line)

  • 130% increase in productivity (more than doubling high quality, billable output)

These improvements come hand-in-hand with enhanced employee morale, collaboration, retention, personal and professional growth, and overall team performance.

By addressing the root causes of disengagement and stress, Higher Mind Leadership unleashes vitality in individuals and organizations, empowering them to thrive in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world. Our holistic approach integrates the best of contemporary neuroscience, psychological theories, and practical wisdom to create transformative, sustainable results.

In short: Higher Mind Leadership unleashes vitality in individuals and organizations to thrive in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Meet Your Team Where They Are

The slideshow below is to give you an idea as to how a leader may guide their team from SURVIVAL (YELLOW) to TRANSCENDENCE. There are no real "stages."


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