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The slideshow below is just to give you an idea as to how TiQi Leaders (superconscious leaders, higher mind leaders) may guide their team from SURVIVAL (YELLOW) to TRANSCENDENCE. There are no real "stages."

What is Superconscious Leadership?

The superconscious leadership philosophy is both quantum-informed and trauma-informed. Based on quantum perspectives and parapsychology research, superconscious leaders acknowledge the FOUNDATION RULE: Our Universe exists in conscious awareness. Based on their own experiences or experiential research, they go as far as saying: LOVE is foundational. The frequency of love is foundational and the one truth. Form comes from the formless. Stuff comes from the non-stuffness. They view the body as a "biological spacesuit" containing mindbody ("Mindy") features and parts intending to be helpful, but which often end up being "helpful" (meaning unhelpful or problematic). Leaders discern suitstuff with compassion, meeting their teams where they are and guiding teams from survival mode (83% are stressed) to transcendence. This involves a trauma-informed lens and understanding key suit features (physiological states and effects).

Superconscious leaders embody the 3-fold mission: amplifying love, calling anything imprinted otherwise back to love, and being a guardian of love. In helping teams drop protective encodings, Quantum Selves emerge, achieving flow states, wisdom and intuition.

Superconscious leadership is about being a catalyst for positive change, inspiring others to tap into their own potential and purpose. It is a transformative and visionary approach to leadership that seeks to create a more conscious, compassionate, healthy and healed world.

Superconscious Leadership

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Content for TiQi Leaders

Want X-Ray Vision? Step 1: Learn Polyvagal Theory
This video series covers the basics of Polyvagal Theory. The poster PDF is at the bottom of the post. For embeddable video links (e.g. to add to your LMS or
The GREEN, YELLOW, and RED Rooms of The DiSC DiSCO
Visit this page to learn more about Polyvagal Theory, especially if you are wondering what I mean by GREEN, YELLOW, and RED below. 🙂 D (Dominance) Part i (Influence) Part
Source, Spirit, Self Energy, Soul, Parts?
Based on the teachings of John Moore, I better understood the distinction between soul and Spirit. This is also in line with NDE (near death experience) accounts, and accounts of
Podcast Episode 42: Akashic Wisdom for Bold Living with Jeni Holla
I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview the captivating Jeni Holla for this profile. Our conversation did not disappoint! Jeni's authenticity, passion and wisdom shone through as she
Memory Research and Terminal Lucidity Illuminate Nonlocal Mind Theories
While it's widely accepted among scientists that brain waves can influence chemical reactions and vice versa, this dynamic relationship might just be the surface layer of a deeper, more foundational
What is Superconscious Leadership? [Video]
As we journey through the realms of consciousness and spirituality, every once in a while, we encounter a voice that resonates with the profound truths of our existence. Jessika Jake's
Holistic Wellness: What is ‘Traction’ Across all 8 Dimensions of Wellness?
We are all very versed in what distraction is, but how often do we stop and think about the opposite of distraction: TRACTION. Traction gets us moving towards our goals.
Preventing Burnout and ‘Quiet Quitting’ by Being a ‘Guardian for Goodness’
TiQi leaders recognize that burnout and quiet quitting signal serious issues in organizational culture and leadership. As "guardians for love," we take proactive steps to nourish team members' well-being and
Looking Below the Surface: Applying the Will/Skill Matrix with Compassion
The will/skill matrix is a popular leadership model that categorizes team members into four quadrants based on their willingness and ability to perform a task. However, evaluating someone’s skill and
Beyond CBT: Unpacking Thought Errors as Helpful Shortcuts and When to Dig Deeper
We've all experienced those moments where our thoughts seem to be working against us. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) often categorizes these as 'thought errors' or 'cognitive distortions.' But what if
Finding Inner Ease to Cultivate Flow States
What is Inner Ease? Inner ease involves achieving balance between the mind and emotions in order to access an inner state of stillness and poise while remaining actively engaged. The
What’s Your Confidence Blocker? [Quiz]
The term "confidence" is broad and often ambiguous... So when we say we don't feel confident, what does that even mean? The quiz below will help you get more specific
Beyond Ticking Boxes: How TiQi Leaders Embody Trust
Stephen Covey once said, "Contrary to what most people believe, trust is not some soft, illusive quality that you either have or you don't; rather, trust is a pragmatic, tangible,
The Power of Transliminality in Leadership
Tapping into Transliminality: Why Should I? 🚀 Transliminality might sound like a term from a sci-fi movie, but in reality, it's a potent concept deeply rooted in psychology that's gaining
Teaching Your Team to Tune Into Polyvagal States… with the Feather-O-Meter 🟢🟡🔴
Here are the 3 MAIN States: 🟢 Green Feather Mode: The Ventral Vagal State 🟡 Yellow Feather Mode: The Sympathetic State 🔴 Red Feather Mode: The Dorsal Vagal State 🌈
Why Leaders Need to Embrace Downtime: The Science Behind Work Breaks
If you're in a position of leadership, you're no stranger to the high demands and expectations that often come with the role. But did you know that your ability to
Cultivating an Interconnected Team Culture
Today, success is rarely achieved through solo efforts. Creating a thriving team culture means fostering a sense of interconnectedness amongst members. When employees feel valued for their unique contributions and
Elevate Your Team: Unlocking Higher Mind Leadership
In today's VUCA business environment, managers need to tap into new paradigms to maximize their team's potential. The forces of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity demand that leaders embrace vision,
Find Calm in a Single Sigh: The Science Behind a Simple Stress Reliever
Life gets overwhelming sometimes. When it feels like stress is taking over, you need fast and accessible tools to regain your cool. One method that leverages your own biology for
What’s Your Love Mission?
The 3-FOLD MISSION of superconscious leaders is: We all show up with a mix of the above. The simple quiz below may help you to understand which of these resonates
The Emotionally Intelligent Employee: Preparing for the Human Skills of the Future
Whether you call yourself a TiQi Leader (trauma-informed, quantum informed), a Superconscious Leader, a Higher Mind Leader, etc, we all know that as the nature of work is evolving, emotional
Beyond Self-Actualization: A Guide to Implementing Maslow’s Self-Transcendence in Team Management
Maslow's hierarchy identifies 8 stages of human needs, often depicted as a pyramid, however Maslow didn't see this as a pyramid. Contrary to popular belief, Maslow never depicted his model
Unleashing Potential: The Power of ‘Not Yet’ and the Growth Mindset in Leadership
Carol Dweck, a renowned psychologist, introduced the transformative principle of "Not Yet" which has since been applied not only in education but also in the business world. This concept reshapes
The Mysterious Connection: Organ Transplants, Consciousness, and the Unexplained
The human experience is full of mysteries, and few are as intriguing as the unexplained connections reported between organ transplant recipients and their donors. From shared tastes and hobbies to
The Mind Unbound: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Nonlocal Consciousness
A cat's whiskers function as sophisticated tools for navigation and perception. These hair-like structures are deeply embedded within the cat's facial tissue, connected to muscular and nervous systems that convey
Imposter Syndrome: What’s Up With the Internal Fam?
Assessing Imposter Syndrome through an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Lens Thanks to WELCOA's insightful article Can We (Please) Move Beyond Imposter Syndrome?, I have revisited and updated this post. The
The Serious Need for Silliness: Bringing More Humor, Play, and Joy to Work
Humor In positive psychology, humor is considered a character strength and a pathway to wellbeing. It involves the cognitive and emotional ability to perceive and appreciate incongruities and absurdities in
Havening for the Other: ‘Flip it to Test it’ then Address it!
Special thanks to Violeta Donawa, LMSW, MA, ADS, whose conversations are always so educational and thought provoking. When we first met, we were exploring Havening Techniques® and the conversation led
Why We Need to Rethink Saying ‘Emotional Hijack,’ And Talk Embodied EQ ❤️
If we keep talking about "emotional hijacks," then we will likely keep playing whack-a-mole with our triggers. Typical workplace EI advice for triggers comes as "forewarned is forearmed," but really
Courage: Making a Distinction Between Psyche-driven Courage and Your Quantum Self’s Innate Courage
Have you heard of Internal Family Systems (IFS)? It's an evidence-backed model used in coaching and therapy that sees us having different 'parts' within ourselves, like little characters with their
The Neuroscience of Fast and Slow Learning
There are different mechanisms for "fast learning" (threat-based learning and novelty-based learning) and "slow/normal learning" (learning without the presence of threat). These types of learning are associated with different neural
Neuro-backed Musings on Quantum Change Experiences
TLDR; Quantum change refers to an abrupt, enduring transformation affecting emotions, cognition, and behavior. Quantum changes often share common features in how they unfold and the types of personal changes
Podcast Episode 39: Spiritual Sidekicks: Growth, Friendship, & Soulful Explorations (with Shana Auguste & Jessika Jake)
In this episode, Shana Auguste, a Self-Love Coach and Consultant (, and Jessika Jake (BetterAndBetterer) reconnect to share their journeys as businesswomen residing on opposite coasts. Tune in as they
A Special Feature of the Biological Spacesuit: Neuroception
Neuroception is a term introduced by Dr. Stephen Porges, a renowned researcher in the field of neuroscience and psychophysiology. It refers to the subconscious ("behind the scenes") process through which
Where Do Emotions Come From?
In addition to top-down and bottom-up processes (see summary images below), emotions, and the feelings they produce can arise through various other mechanisms. And though I did my best to
Now that’s a Bright Idea… Edison-esque Insight Generation with Kata Coaching + Havening Techniques
Kata coaching refers to a specific coaching methodology based on the concept of kata, which originated in Japanese martial arts. In this context, "kata" refers to a structured practice or
The (Superconscious) Accountability Ladder
“Personal accountability is never about others, it's always about me looking in the mirror and making better choices.” John G. Miller The concept of personal accountability and taking responsibility for one's actions
What’s in Play Here? DiSC Style or a Nervous System Adaptation? Or?….
When I learned classic DiSC, I was told that I was an SC. I was also told that S's and C's like to work slowly and methodically. This is the
Personality Clashes: How to Coach Your Coachee on Applying DiSC to Improve a Work Relationship
Start with a Trauma-Informed Line of Questioning: By starting with a trauma-informed line of questioning, you are refocusing your coachee on their commitment to applying a trauma-informed lens to their
Well That’s Some Trippy Physics You’ve Got There
In the context of physics, post-materialism explores the idea that the nature of reality extends beyond the purely material and physical. It suggests that there may be deeper layers or
Iffirmations: $, Astral, Lucid Dreaming, and Mediumship
Move Over Affirmations - Iffirmations Give Your Beliefs a Rapid Remix! How to do it: Iffirmational Havening in 4 Steps: Additional things to haven on by injecting into the above
Podcast Episode 38: LOL-ing with Gelotologist Barry Taylor
In this episode, Jes interviews Gelotologist Barry Taylor. Barry uses Laugh Therapy to enhance individuals' well-being, productivity, and overall quality of life. The healing power of laughter often has a
My Robot Can’t Comprehend IFS
Internal family systems is so easy for a human to understand. We are born with parts. We have an internal family of parts that is guided by "the part that's
The Feather-O-Meter (Fun with Polyvagal Theory)
The biological spacesuit (body) comes with a handy feather-O-meter. There are 3 main states: GREEN, YELLOW, and RED. You might recognize these as the states describe in The Polyvagal Theory,
EGOs are the Helpers [Part 2]
In Part 1, I wrote about some of the different ways we address multiplicity of mind: These days I like to consider the term "human" being as: The biological spacesuit

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