5 Tips to get Started on Connecting With Purpose

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For a more in depth exploration, I’ve added a free workbook [PDF] at the bottom of the page! Watch the video first to get a gist as to what you’ll be exploring!

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
― Howard Thurman

“The best advice I have is: Don’t think ‘What is my life purpose?’ think about ‘exploring’ purpose and ‘connecting’ with it. Take the pressure off.”

3 Tips to get Started on Connecting With Purpose

1. Reflect on How You Are Wired

What do you value? Can you list your core values? Have you every taken a personality quiz, and if yes, what did you learn about yourself? What are your top skills? Overall, how connected are you right now to how you tick? (A.K.A. How you are wired.)

2. Reflect on How You are Inspired

When was the last time you were super-stoked to be in the moment? When was the last time you were proud? What brings you inspiration? What are you passionate about? (A.K.A. How you’re inspired.)

3. Draw a Venn Diagram of Wired & Inspired

Taking time to reflect on how you are wired, how you’re inspired and the overlapping region between these two, is where you get to explore your sense of purpose.

4. Meditate

… because some questions can’t be answered by Google!

5. Pay Attention

Once you embark on this journey of exploring how you are wired and how you’re inspired, if you pay attention, you’ll start to notice the things that light you up, the things you enjoy, how you tick, and more.

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