Episode 22: How to Get From Hope to Happiness with Dr Ruth Mary Allan

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Dr Ruth Mary Allan helps unchain people from their pain, often in one visit! She’s holds a Doctorate in Physics and is also certified as a Brain Health Coach, a High Performance Coach, and a Havening Techniques Practitioner. Her passions, life experiences, and educational pursuits converge as a story of hope and healing, both for herself and her clients. Get tips on how to spot unhealthy life situations and choose the things that will help get you to a better place. Listen and take Dr Ruth Mary Allan’s challenge!

Take the Challenge!

Dr Ruth Mary Allan challenges you to check in!

  • Check in with your emotions in a way that is kind to yourself. Be curious, not furious. What emotions are you having? What’s driving those feelings? What’s the root cause?
  • Decide how you want to show up. What’s one thing you can do that can move you forward to a better place? Think of one small positive step. Tip: Is there a swap you can think of? Can you swap out one thing for another that will move you to a better place? Dr Ruth Mary Allan swapped cake with exercise!

Find Out More! Dr Ruth Mary Allan’s Recommended Links

www.ruthmaryallan.com – with courses available for adults and children

www.ruthmaryallan.com/havening to learn more and register for a free 15min consultation

www.peterandpaulapixie.com for information about her dad’s book Peter Pixie Visits the Rescue Centre. It’s also available through most book stores.

Coming Soon:

Dr Ruth Mary Allan’s daughter Lilly will be giving her first invited talk at the International Havening Conference on June 12th between 3-4.30pm GMT (timings to be finalized). Keep an eye on her social media for more info and we’ll be sure to share news about this as well!

Dr Ruth Mary Allan’s course How to Step into your Best Self will be coming out in March, so stay tuned for news on that as well!

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