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Mindstuff is one of my favorite words. Everything about being a human can be simplified to “being in a body” with our mindstuff affecting our experienced reality. If you are like “Wait whaaaa… how can you say this idea of being in body is all reflected in my mind?” I’ll point you to a fun game we used to do as kids. You lie on the floor face down and have your friend hold your arms up in the air for a few minutes. Then, you’d have that friend SLOWLY lower your arms. I swear you will 100% feel like you are going through the floor. I have posted about trippy stuff before and you can check that all out if you want. But the short take is that our experienced reality is arising in our awareness and quickie and awesome way of describing these arisings is to call it mindstuff. Thanks Pantajali.

I knew you would want to try it… so go ahead.

In the next videos I talk about mindstuff and offer the conceptual model of looking at your mindstuff in terms of translucent or opaque.


Wheel of Awareness Resources

Images (some of them) are from my book Am-fullness

The 4 Tendencies

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Not mentioned (rather alluded to), but you can explore your what-ness and who-ness via art here, as well as look at some doodles I made when reading The Tao verse 1.

Our minds (directing energy and information flow) can change matter (molecules and molecular reactions)… The example I gave was hormonal. Check out the feel good, HAPPY, hormones.

When the mindstuff is thick and unwieldy and meditation “won’t” “work”… why not get your art on?

Other Thoughts:

The formless is perfect and only love. The form is where we see, what I affectionately call (shield yer eyes if you hate cuss words): fuckery of form (classical physics). The transient fuckery of form pops like popcorn from the the fundamentally perfect formless (shown below as the field of being, which is more representative of quantum physics).

This image comes from my doodles on The Tao and is also based on what I noodle on in my book Am-fullness.

FOB = field of being (think Universe)
fob = foundation of beingness (think YOU, as the being aspect of human being)