You May Have Heard of NDE’s but Have You Heard of SDE’s / SCE’s?

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After watching an IONS event, I realized that what I experienced in 1992 was a SCE (Shared Crossing Experience), formerly referred to as a SDE (Shared Death Experience). I remember the year because I was pregnant with my first daughter. One of my favorite relatives, my grandfather,  Papa, was in the hospital.

Before I left one evening I said “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and I basically forced him to agree with me. He did not seem to be on death’s door or anything, and none of the medical staff had indicated that the family should be saying goodbye or anything like that… yet I felt compelled to make him promise me.

That night while I was sleeping I felt a wave of energy pass through me. I said “Go back to the hospital,” because I knew it was him. The next morning when my mom called my grandmother, she said that Papa’s condition was “the same as last night.” I remember thinking “No, that’s not true. He’s dead.” But this was my mom’s sneaky white lie way of speaking. To her “same as last night” meant that he was dead — she wasn’t technically lying — she didn’t want to tell my grandmother until she had given her a Quaalude.

After that I remembered thinking “If this baby comes out with blue eyes, I will know it was really him.” (One time Papa told me the secret that he always wanted a child with blue eyes, and that I was his favorite. I feel it is okay to share this secret now, because I would love to offer hope and possibly lessened grief to others.) Well, my daughter came out with ONE blue eye. 

According to author / researcher William J. Peters, what I experienced is a type of SCE/SDE called a fly-by / fleeting farewell

I’m in the middle with Papa

Author William J. Peters has studied and categorized SDE’s and encourages us all to rethink death and dying. If you are interested in a better life and a better death, check out his book, full of research and powerful accounts of SDE’s. Truth be told, I didn’t buy this book YET (I’m just too excited about this I had to share), but I am tagging this post as a REVIEW never-the-less (I know this will be a GREAT book to read).

Author Interview

Dr. Eben Alexander in Conversation with William Peters 18 January 2022 from Shared Crossing Project on Vimeo.


Connecting this to my work with Am-fullness

I pulled images from my book, with my thoughts as captions BELOW each pic. 🙂

We are both physical and non-physical, bot material and immaterial, of form an formless, matter and energy, stuff and non-stuff-ness.

The form — mindstuff and bodybiz — arises from the formless. Who-ness arises from the what-ness.
Later I switched from saying “mindsparks” to Pantajali’s word “mindstuff,” just because I love it more. Note that am-ness is connected to our foundation of being-ness. This particular graphic was showing how my mom had LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of mindstuff covering over her am-ness. This image is included here because I wanted to show the foundation of being-ness. I also draw am-ness as a ridiculous anchor with a diamond, because am-ness is not something you can draw. 😉
This is showing a Field of Being (a conscious Universe) with our foundation of being-ness overlaid. I heard a great quote: “Separation is not required for individuation to be experienced.” — Neale Donald Walsch (author of the series Conversations with God)
Projection through a body actually LIMITS us. Check out Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani for her account of dying and coming back.
Whatever comes with the physical body we are in narrows our experience… as humans…
…as dolphins… as whatever….
In dying, we are no longer bound by those physical limitations.