Episode 20: Talking Badassery and Such During Quarantine

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You might be wondering “Did Jessika interview Jen Sincero on her podcast?” The answer is “No, I did not.” I interviewed my “Baddass” button that I got on Amazon.com. Hey, it’s the Talking Badassery and Such During Quarantine episode guys. I emphasize the “during quarantine” part.

In this episode I promised to post a bunch of cool things in the show notes. The list below follows the same format, of, ummm, the plastic button I was interviewing.


(1) Regarding being inspired… in spirit

(2) Don’t Settle When It Comes to Work

This is a blog post I wrote on the subject.

(3) My Meditation Recommendations

My favorite is this Nondual Awareness Meditation Series with Michael Taft. Prior to this I have done various practices, including ZIVA Online and the meditation program from SoulPhysio Lifestyle (I really liked both).

Here is Emily Fletcher talking about listening to nature, using self-referral for your happiness versus object-referral and more…

And here is another presentation where she talks about using your desires as nature’s GPS:


(1) Blindspots – Watch Your Brain Make Sh*t Up

Sorry, the book I mentioned was actually Gut Feelings. Below you’ll see the image from the book — but you really want to do this with the book. (Jade hurt herself trying it out on screen.)

(2) Other Ways Our Brains Make Sh*t Up

This super cool video explains (and shows) how we are living in the Matrix.

(3) Physiological State Matters! (A lot!!)

Check out the Polyvagal Theory. Here are two books I recommend:

The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection

You can also read this article, which describes PTSD and c-PTSD from a PV-informed perspective. “Attentional response bias accounts for the greater likelihood that individuals with PTSD perceive neutral faces as aggressive and fearful faces as angry.”

Additionally, I really like this video:

(4) More Fun with Perception (Try it!)

(I am starting each these at the part where he does some perception stuff.)

Change Blindness…

Perception of color…

(5) I’m Automatic Like a Pointer Sister

If you have Netflix, check out Automatic Brain. It’s also embedded below, though I cued it up to a really amazeballs part…


(1) Here is the video I mentioned…

… though below I cued it up to a part which also shows us how our brain is “helpfully doing it’s thing”…

Read this sentence and count the F’s…

(2) Marisa Peer on Fears and Phobias…

(3) I Heart Jen Sincero

Here are some great Jen Sincero quotes on fear. Click at your own risk as these Google results look good to me, but who knows what may live in the search query in the future!

(4) Brain’s Love Certainty

This is Why You’re So Afraid of Uncertainty According to Neuroscience: Article

(5) That Other Study I mentioned…

… regarding “Talking to yourself in the 3rd person.” Here’s an article about it.

(6) Scary Spice

“Do One Thing that Scares You Everyday.” Why Should I? And What, Exactly, Should I do? Another blog post by yours truly.


(1) What am I?

Peter Russell describes our essence so beautifully in this video:

(2) That Time All My Rabbit Holes Converged Somewhere Prit-tee Cool…

This is my blog post I mentioned called What The F* Am I? The Deliciousness of Science and Spirit

If you have not read Jen Sincero’s books yet, I highly recommend them. I read You Are a Badass at Making Money first, and then I read You Are a Badass.


(1) You’ll see it when you believe it:

(2) Get to Green!

Keep you’re brain in that “green” stay & play, social-engagement-system-turned-on state, and your attention and focus will be in a great place to serve you. Read about the Broaden and Build Theory here [PDF].