Episode 21: Embracing Honor with Pastor Greg Hendricks

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In this episode I interviewed Pastor Greg Hendricks, former pro-athlete and coach, currently spreading a message of love and growth both as a pastor at The Rock Church and as an author.

Our conversation touched on the teachings of The Third Option, by Miles McPherson, deposit mindset vs withdrawal mindset, creating and fostering honoring relationships, using deep listening, embracing humility, being humble to learn, and so much more! Pastor Greg also outlines using H.O.N.O.R. when having awkward, but important conversations.

  • H is for Hello: Enter into a conversation
  • O is for Observe: Observe similarities (commonalities, dreams, pains, frustrations)
  • N is for Notice Assumptions: What assumptions do you have, or are you making? Listen deeply. Ask questions.
  • O is for Open to Learn: maintain a posture of someone who is willing to learn; let the other party disclose
  • R is for Respond: Respond respectively; engage, smile, use that “deposit mindset,” in other words add to this person — be it happiness, strength, acknowledgement, validation, kindness

Please have a listen to this podcast, as we cover so much more than the above. One of his many points that touched me was when he mentioned that we had people unifying in pain, and if we can unify in pain, we can also unify in love and reconciliation.

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