Art & Magik #4: Paint What You Love

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The title pretty much says it all, but if you don’t have acrylic paint, etc, you can DRAW WHAT YOU LOVE. It’s pretty cool, because it forces you to look closely and notice something new.

Ideal supplies: acrylic paint, a pencil (I didn’t have one but I highly recommend one), assorted paint brushes, a plate / coffee cup lid / etc for you to mix your paint on.

My chosen subject was Theodore. I have painted him before and painting the fluff is pretty sweet.

I used “1 eye” as my size unit, so I could see that his eyes were almost, but not quite “2 eyes” away from each other… the top of his forehead was 3 1/2 eyeballs higher, etc. I WISH I USED A PENCIL. (I started on some details and then realized that I better do the background so I could paint over it.)

After sketching (IN PENCIL), it’s best to color the background.

From there I painted his fluff.

Once the fluff was done, I did his mouth and eyes…

Super tiny, super cute!