What’s Your Confidence Blocker? [Quiz]

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The term “confidence” is broad and often ambiguous… So when we say we don’t feel confident, what does that even mean? The quiz below will help you get more specific about your confidence blocker(s). Check it out and see if it helps you find a more specific area to focus on!

Instructions: Rate how true each statement feels for you on a scale of 1-5.

Safety & Security Block

___ I often find myself on high alert, feeling revved up, unsafe… vulnerable.

___ Trusting that things will be okay does NOT come easily to me.

___ It’s challenging for me to believe I deserve stability and abundance.

Worry-Based Block

___ Future uncertainties keep me on edge.

___ My mind often races with “what if” scenarios… the bad kind.

___ I yearn for moments of pure relaxation, free from looming worries.

Creative Confidence Block

___ I sometimes feel a barrier blocking my creativity.

___ I resist change, even when I know it’s beneficial.

___ There’s a longing in me to freely express my creativity, but that seem impossible… or nearly impossible.

Self-Worth Confidence Block

___ “I’m not _______enough” is a recurring thought in my mind. (E.g. good enough, adequate, smart enough, strong enough, etc…)
___ I catch myself being my own harshest critic.
___ There’s a voice inside that always seeks out my flaws.

Imposter Syndrome Block
___ I harbor a nagging fear of being exposed as a “fraud.”
___ Successes feel unearned, even when I’ve worked hard.
___ There’s a constant concern about being judged as incompetent.

Perfectionism Block
___ I strive for perfection, even to my own detriment.
___ The mere thought of mistakes induces lots of stress.
___ I get distressed when things aren’t “just right.”

Comparison Block
___ I often gauge my worth by comparing myself to others.
___ My mood can change based on how I measure up to peers.
___ Seeing others succeed can trigger feelings of inadequacy.

People-Pleasing Block
___ Keeping others happy is a top priority for me.
___ I suppress my desires, prioritizing others’ needs over mine.
___ The fear of disappointment guides many of my decisions.

Expressive Confidence Block
___ Expressing my true feelings is a daunting task.
___ I hold back, fearing judgment or ridicule.
___ I desire to be heard, but often feel silenced.

Intuitive/Spiritual Confidence Block
___ I don’t get, or don’t trust my inner knowing or gut feelings.
___ I yearn for a connection to a deeper sense of self.
___ Inner peace and purpose seem out of reach.

Scarcity Block

___ Everything feels limited (e.g. money) and like I can’t get enough… It’s a struggle.

___ I guard resources and opportunities, fearing depletion.

___ The idea of ample abundance seems like a distant dream.


Add up your scores for each block’s 3 statements. The blocks with the highest scores are likely areas for you to address. Your “biological spacesuit” has helpfully/”helpfully” installed patterns along the way based on your past experiences. These can be uninstalled! I highly recommend Havening Techniques for this because it’s super fast, super easy, safe (a safe haven), and even fun! With the “helpful” blockers dismantle we can truly embody confidence. <3

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