Connecting the Dots from Strategy to Tactics to Ops [Graphics]

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Strategy is the broad approach the org takes to achieve it’s objectives. Tactics enact the strategy. Ops are the day-to-day running of the biz, aka business as usual (BAU).

To move from strategy to tactics, typically the governing board (e.g. Board of Directors) passes strategic documents to the Portfolio Management practice…

Value is PERCEIVED. Who gets to tell me the value of something?

Answer: Whoever is doing the perceiving….

(The biz, the customer, the user, my mom…)

How do we connect the dots on objectives and reporting? For this cascade, I like to say that’s its a poem… One that doesn’t rhyme and is spelled incorrectly…

Connecting the dots from Policy > Procedures (e.g. SOPs) to Work Instructions…


We saw the “cascade” down in terms of:

– strategic initiatives being translated into tactics (eg projects)
– cascading goals/objectives/reqs
– scopes of control (eg org governance delegates some governance oversight to project governance, etc)

There is an upward (and sideward, etc) cascade of metrics for reporting purposes. We also escalate upwards as well. It’s important to know our scope of control and where that ends. What do we do when a tolerance limit is crossed, a threshold is crossed, an issue is beyond our scope of control, etc? We need to understand when and how to escalate.

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