SQ Pocket Coach – 1st Use Ever

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Here of some of the things I mentioned in this video…

Link to Pesi.com’s Havening course. I HIGHLY recommend this.

The more official example of CPR for the amygdala…

(YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBer8wHmH7M&t=9s)

Interested in the science behind Havening Touch… check this out.

Here’s the coin I was showing…

I also highly recommend ifs-institute.com. If you notice, in the video I kept saying parts.  “Parts” is the term used in IFS, Internal Family Systems, because that is how people speak… “Part of me wants a cookie… Another part of me is saying NO.” IFS is based on multiplicity of mind (vs monomind). We have many parts — a whole internal fam. Some parts of us, that had naturally valuable states were forced to take on roles to protect us. They still show up in those roles. Watch No Bad Parts below (or on YouTube). Also, check out Richard Schwartz, PhD’s latest book with the same name.

Note that at The SQ Workshop, we use the term EGO (earth guide only) and EGO’s. We are NOT teaching/doing IFS in the workshop. We do hope you check out IFS however, as it is awesome. IFS can be used for coaching (including self-coaching) and counseling/therapy/medical purposes.

A Few Slides from The SQ Workshop

The slide below illustrates what I was saying about “a mind at war” blocking spirit, lots of discord… versus times when we have inner harmony, with spirit shining through….

In the 1st example we see one EGO pitted against another (discord). In the second we see two EGO’s getting loud… and yeah, they are in cahoots, but they are blocking SPIRIT.

In the third example, we have a couple EGOs working in harmony… using their “inside voices,” and they are able to be guided by SPIRIT.

The biological spacesuit comes with a helpful/”helpful” Feather-O-Meter. This particular slide comes toward the end of the workshop, so I hope it makes sense in the context of this blog post. 😉 I am including it to show the LOCK (fight or flight on hold) that I mentioned in the video. I would add that this diagram shows a typical day and a RECOVERY back to whatever feather mode is our home base.

In the example I shared in the video, however, it was not at all TYPICAL, but rather more of a WTF experience. And I do believe based on my felt sense memories (trickling water = you’re in mortal danger) that my brain must have become hyperplastic and encoded this “helpful” felt sense information for me. (WTF hyperplasticity is not shown below though we do go over that in the workshop.)

This slide shows how positivity (aka positivity triggers or simply glimmers) are more fleeting and light (as in levity) as compared with negativity, which is longer lasting (helpfully/”helpfully”) and also has more gravity.

In her book Positivity, Dr Barbara Fredrickson using the term positivity triggers. I made the colorful image above based on her work. Deb Dana, LCSW (as far as I know) coined the term glimmers. Deb Dana has authored many books (including Anchored) and created many programs, and awesome flip chart, etc. Her work, and the work of Dr. Stephen Porges is the basis for the feather-O-meter. 😉