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I stumbled across this old video I made and I believe it still holds value. This is before I became an IFS fangirl, but the seeds are all there… It’s kinda cool. IFS is a science-backed model that acknowledges multiplicity of mind, using the term “parts,” as we often do. Before learning of IFS, I had made this video which also acknowledges parts, however, I was not embracing a couple of important IFS principles / definitions when I made this. If you are curious about this video vs the IFS Model, I encourage you to read the footnote below.

After watching this video and filling in your PDF, feel free to claim 1 PDU or CEU to maintain a certificate of your choice. If the issuing body needs more information to approve this PDU/CEU, you can contact me and I’d be happy to help.

Further information on Host Leadership:

Footnote re what I said in the vs IFS:

  • In IFS, the “part that is not a part” is called Self, so Self Leadership in IFS terms involved being led by this Self and involves self energy. It is super cool that Self is described as being like light — it can be both a particle and a wave. For more on IFS, check out the IFS Institute and/or one of Richard Schwartz, PhD’s many books, including No Bad Parts.