Business Acumen: Connecting the Dots [Doodles]

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What perspectives are relevant when it comes to value co-creation? Be sure to think and work holistically (zoom out), as well as to zoom in on each perspective, respectively. Also know we are constrained or influenced by external factors. The glasses above show the 4 Dimensions according to ITSM best practice: Organizations and People, Information and Technology, Partners and Suppliers, and Value Streams and Processes. We want to think and work holistically — to ZOOM out — that is, consider the wider context that are the 4 dimensions as a whole, and even widen the context to consider the external factors, PESTLE (political, economical, social, technological, legal, and environmental). We also want to zoom in and focus on each dimension as well as the nitty gritty of what it is comprised of.
A value delivery system. A system is a set of interconnected and inter-related components. In this example, the musculoskeletal system has many individual components that can work together in a variety of ways when responding to particular opportunities or demands. What components make up your value delivery system? Here’s an example from best practice: The ITIL 4 Service Value System:

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