Pretending the Invisible is Visible

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In one of Dr. Eben Alexander’s books, he used a great analogy to help the reader wrap their heads around the ’empty’ space within an atom. He wrote that the non-matter aspect of the atom would be the size of Notre Dame Cathedral, and the amount of matter would be the size of a gnat.

As we look at what this relationship means for our bodies, where you see the cathedral, that is non-stuff-ness. Where you see the mosquito, that would be the stuff-ness aspect of you.

We are mostly non-stuff-ness. The Universe also, is tops, 5% matter as we know it (according to NASA).

So what is the non-stuff-ness? Is it really empty? No. Quantum physicists would call this the Zero Point Field… Maybe Zero Point Energy… Maybe The Planck Field. But all would agree this is not truly empty, but rather full of energy, a field, and that this is the most foundational you can go.

I actually had the pleasure of being able to ask Dr. Eben Alexander how he defined consciousness and awareness. He replied that everything exists in conscious awareness. Our Universe lives in conscious awareness. He, and other NDE experiences agree (essentially) that this is a field of love.

So we move away from the Physicalist, Materialistic view, whereby Classical Physics (matter) is foundational, to a Post-Materialistic view:

From the post-materialist perspective we can explain all the things that Materialism can’t such as:

  • validated reincarnation (recollection of past lives in children)
  • verified mediums
  • verified Near Death Experiences and Shared Crossing Experieces
  • precognition (including verified OBE-related precognitions)
  • psychics and why Silva Ultramind works
    and more!

Here’s a video that shows how a particle (eg a proton) theoretically emerges as an “excitation of the electromagnetic field.”

“Empty” is the Wrong Word

As you check out this post below, heed the caption: “However, space is not empty. It is full of energy, of electromagnetic fluctuations on a quantum scale. It is on this basis that ordinary matter is built: protons, cells, planets, etc.” When I saw Nassim speak earlier this year, he used the term Planck field when he spoke about this “empty” space. He also showed all of the calculus that tied the classical and quantum formulas together. He offers a free course on unified physics here. You may also be interested in reading about the challenges of a materialistic view. And for some intense post-materialism science you can check out Joachim Keppler, PhD’s theory on cosmopsychism here.