How F*ed Am I? Take the Workplace Toxicity Quiz

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To the right of each question below, please write a number from 1 to 5, with 1 meaning that you see this issue RARELY and 5 meaning that you see it often. OFTEN. A 3 means that the statement is an issue ½ the time. 

Issue is present RARELY  Issue is present ½ the time Issue is present OFTEN






1 My employer requires access to me 24/7.
2 Senior management is in absentia.
3 As employees turnover (leave) the remaining employees are expected to take over their responsibilities indefinitely.
4 My work life balance is off track (in a negative way). 
Overworking is considered a badge of honor.
6 Overwork is an expectation.
7 The economy, tough competition, rough quarter, etc, is brought up as a point to tell me that I am lucky to have a job.
8 My workplace is going through some bumps or growing pains, for quite a while now.
9 My bosses/higher ups are not open to listening.
10 Others seem to burn out.
11 There is low morale. 
12 There is dysfunction.
13 Communication is scattered, chaotic, unfocused or withheld. 
14 My ability to focus is affected by my preoccupation with work or workplace issues. 
15 Employee recognition is not present.
16 Because of work, I am less “present” when I am outside of work.
17 I feel disengaged. 
18 Gratitude is missing from my workplace.
19 My gut is telling me that something is wrong.
20 Competitive conflict is encouraged.
21 Others are miserable.
22 The turnover rate is high or worsening.
23 Work affects my ability to sleep well.
24 Drama and gossip is present in the workplace.
25 The way we do things is based on how things have always been done.
26 Executives/higher ups speak poorly about an employee or employees.
27 Promises and/or deadlines are made arbitrarily or whimsically as opposed to realistically or logically.
28 Pessimism reigns. 
29 I don’t feel safe at work.
30 My friends and family have noticed a difference in me (in a bad way).
31 We are treated like assets rather than like people.
32 I don’t feel valued.
33 Executives/higher ups play favorites. 
34 I started questioning my own sanity, competence or self worth. 
35 I don’t’ feel heard. 
36 We seem to always be chasing urgent “short term” wins, or dealing with “temporary” crunches. 
37 There is a lack of encouragement.
38 The company values on paper are mismatched when considering the day-to-day exhibited behaviors. 
39 Disrespect is present and tolerated. 
40 Policies are inconsistent. 
41 Discrimination is present and tolerated. 
42 Aggression is present and tolerated.
43 I turn to “liquid avoidance” or other mind-numbing options to take my mind off work.
44 Bullies are present and tolerated.
45 I am unhappy at work.
46 Unprofessional behavior is present at work.
47 My job is not secure.
48 I’m not given opportunities to grow.
49 I dread going to work.
50 Having a temper at work is okay.

Interpreting your score:

Use the scale below to determine the most likely toxicity level that you are experiencing. 

50-99: Healthy 

100-149: Mild Toxicity

150-199: Toxic

200-250: Highly Toxic