Update from Jes, Re: The Barker

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Hey everyone! I know I will always be a wellness champion, always up to converse regarding the subject, etc… However, I have BIG NEWS!

There was this idea that kept nudging at me. It wouldn’t stop. It was gigantic and ridiculous, like a day dream. And now I am committed to go the F* for it. It is quite a large vision, and I will be stepping away from this wonderful business I have built with Jade. We started this all way back in 2014. It’s crazy! It’s been awesome and I will always have a passion for wellness as well as an adoration of all the GREAT PEOPLE I got to meet while working in this space.  You will see me around, but I will be transitioning out of Emanant Wellness and probably RistRoller too.  (Fear, not! Both of these will go on.)

What will happen to BetterAndBetterer?

As you prob know, our podcast is called BetterAndBetterer and it’s initial theme was betterment across the dimensions of wellness. Now that I am setting out to build The Barker Apts — an apartment complex with a built-in dog rescue — we are talking about changing the theme of BetterAndBetter to be something along the lines of:  better you, better world. I want to find the people who are making the world better doing things their own way, like this dude… or this company.)

Check out The Barker Apts!

XO Jessika

PS I need to have a big dream. If I had a measly, piddly small dream, who the heck would be excited about that? 🙂

“Be the person your dog thinks you are!”

― J.W. Stephens