Episode 15: Enhance Your Inner & Outer Flow with Acupuncturist Julie Bear Don’t Walk

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Julie Bear Don’t Walk’s expertise in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine helps people feel better (and betterer!) in their bodies and their lives. As a healer, mother and wife, Julie understands that life and health are creative processes, continually evolving with the different phases of our lives. As a licensed acupuncturist and integrative health practitioner, she partners with her patients to find their best path to wholehearted health. In this episode she talks with Jessika Jake about acupuncture (what is it, what are the benefits, who can it help?) along with how she uses Traditional Chinese Medicine alongside Eastern lab results to help with conditions like unexplained fatigue, brain fog, etc. She gives great insight into listening to your body’s signals (while having compassion for the message), loving kindness, “microbits of selfcare,” and setting micro-intentions/daily goals.

Take her 2 week challenge:

Every day, set an intention regarding how you want to treat yourself and your body.

“Start putting that intention there and then with that intention, opportunities for action start to come across your field of awareness.”

– Julie Bear Don’t Walk

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