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What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Emotional Wellness – Positive life outlook, authentic positive emotions (e.g. joy, awe, interest, gratitude, amusement, love, etc) outnumbering negative ones (goal is a 3:1 ratio or higher though not too high either), productively accepting and managing emotions, forgoing avoidance (“bottling up”) of emotions (or partaking in “liquid avoidance”, refraining from action urges that are not helpful, feeling and then moving past an emotion as appropriate, employing emotional coping skills, stress management, etc.

Intellectual Wellness – Open minded, ever-learning,  problem-solving, and expressing creativity

Spiritual Wellness – Embracing a “spiritual” phenomenon that is not material in nature, but belongs to the realm of ideas, beliefs, values and ethics; seeking to align ourselves with personal values and purpose in life

Physical Wellness – Following healthy eating and exercise habits, avoiding harmful activities or substances such as tobacco and alcohol.

Occupational Wellness – Sense of fulfillment through work, work/life balance, a sense of contributing in a positive way at work, finding work rewarding and personally meaningful

Social Wellness – Contributing to community, having positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers, aware of the importance of our impact on others and acting accordingly

Environmental Wellness – Making a positive impact on the quality of the environment, which affects our health and the health of others,  successfully reducing our negative impact


#SelfCareSunday Homework

Download this printout and do a Self-Care Check-In, rating your wellness across these dimensions by coloring in the appropriate face: Self-Care Wellness Check-In [PDF]


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