Project Success: Empower team members and stakeholders

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Organize around team strengths

Make it fun! Hold a Skills Market workshop.

Support team task accountability

Check out this handy Nano Tool: RACI Matrix. And learn how to embed accountability into your team culture.

The 3 development approaches (according to PMI)

I’m adding this video here in case there were some terms I was throwing around in the last video were unfamiliar to you.

Predictive approach – Use RACI (perhaps) and only 1 person is accountable (accountable = you can count on me!)

Scrum (an example of an Agile framework) – Each ROLE is accountable for something (for example, one role is the “development team,” another role is the Product Owner, and another is the Scrum Master). You can learn more about how to actually establish a sprint goal — this is what the development team is accountable for, by their own choice via collaboration with the Product Owner– and more, here.

Evaluate demonstration of task accountability

Determine and bestow level(s) of decision-making authority