5 Keys to Supporting Team Performance

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#1 Connect to the big picture… My kicka$$ intro to KPIs

When coming up with KPI’s you want to make sure that they are balanced. Here is an example checklist I made based off of ITIL (Best Practice Service Management) guidance provided by Axelos.

Incidentally, ITIL best practice (Axelos) also recommends filling out a worksheet for each of your KPI’s. You would capture things similar to what you see above (is this a leading indicator or a trailing one? is this a progress, compliance, effectiveness or efficiency KPI?) as well as answering crucial questions such as:

  • What positive behavior will this KPI encourage?
  • What negative behavior will this KPI encourage?

#2 Appraise team member performance against key performance indicators

#3 Support and recognize team member growth and development

Be sure to recognize and celebrate growth and development, of the team as a whole, and for each individual team member.

Having a team KSA Matrix (Knowledge Skills Attributes Matrix) can help you track growth over time.

#4 Determine appropriate feedback approach

#5 Verify performance improvements

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