Podcast Episode 43: Smash Your Way to Emotional Freedom… My Catchup Call with Shana

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A long overdue catchup with Shana (Just Luv Coaching). Though our conversation was rich and meaningful, we kept it light by sharing laughs and excitement over this work that we both feel called to do. Our journeys involve continuously evolving… learning new modalities, taking classes, doing public speaking events, running women’s groups, writing books – all centered around empowering others to step into their fullest, most vibrant lives. We hope that the passion we have is contagious.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • My book: Superconscious Leadership
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  • Havening Techniques
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  • Dr. Eben Alexander
    Video podcast
    His FREE program
  • Science of human consciousness beyond death:
  • The Preparatory Set
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    (This wasn’t overtly brought up in the podcast, but it’s super relevant to Shana’s work. The concept of a “preparatory set” refers to the body and mind organizing itself to respond to a perceived threat or challenge. This includes changes in posture, muscle tension, breathing, hormone levels, emotions, attention, and expectations. Sometimes a preparatory set is triggered but the expected response actions can’t fully complete. For example, someone may have felt threatened but got restraint and couldn’t fight back or run away. In this case, the preparatory set persists even when the threat is gone. This can lead to chronic stress and being “stuck” in a defensive state. Smashing objects can, perhaps, help complete the prepared physical actions that couldn’t originally finish. Through activities like hitting a bat into broken electronics, the unfinished defensive behaviors linked to the preparatory set get to complete. This signals to the body and brain that the actions were discharged, which releases the persistent preparatory tension. Additionally, the act of smashing can bring up intense emotions that were also part of the preparatory set but didn’t fully express at the time. Experiencing these emotions in a safe context brings completion. In short: smashing has the potential to allows both the physical and emotional components of an incomplete preparatory set to finish, which ceases the persisting stress/defense system activation. It brings closure to the thwarted responses the body intended to do. This release allows healthier functioning.)

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