Source, Spirit, Self Energy, Soul, Parts?

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Based on the teachings of John Moore, I better understood the distinction between soul and Spirit. This is also in line with NDE (near death experience) accounts, and accounts of verified mediums that “there’s only one place,” and sometimes those who cross over need to have their energies “cleaned up.”

This matches up to the stories that verified medium Suzanne Giesemann tells… She often talks about how sometimes the personalities of those who crossed over are the same: “Grumpy on Earth grumpy there,” but she says sometimes she gets a signal like “My eyes are wide open, and now I’m true love.”

Medium Mary Ann Winkowski’s book, As Alive, So Dead, has lots of accounts of prevailing personality. At IANDS one speaker (who died and came back) talked about how hilarious she still was when she was dead. Others spoke of how they were so different that their families didn’t even recognize them (behavior / personality-wise). The idea that the soul can be imprinted, and we can carry that imprint with us when we cross over, makes sense. Our parts can certainly imprint our soul. And we can also have a spontaneous unburdening via NDE, pivotal experiences, etc. This is called a Quantum Change Experience.

I very excitedly (way too excitedly) asked Vincent Todd Tolman about personality, and here’s his answer (I cleaned this up a little): “Personality is essentially the imprint or the effect of having the existence here in combination with the the the personality that was already there before we began here… So just like you you can go to college and you might grow a mustache, or start growing a beard, or start working out, like it doesn’t change us completely who we are, but it changes attributes of who we are, right? So our Higher Soul was our Higher Soul before we got here… Then when we come here, we’ll take on some of the attributes…. Like for instance, when I would see Spirits or see other Souls on the other side, if I could not pick out a distinct sex — like I couldn’t tell if they’re male or female — that was the easy way for me to know “Oh, they’ve never been to Earth before.”

In hearing Kay Gardner speak about Self Energy varying from one person to another (the expression of the 8 C’s), it made me think of a prism… Like our undying Spirit (maybe this equates with Self) is projected through a prism (perhaps the soul??), with different mixes of light, with the colors relating to the 8C’s?

These are just my musings, of course.