Get Better (and Betterer) at Leading Your Team

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The videos below map to the PMP Exam Content Outline task Lead a Team (see page 4). The enablers within this task are as follows, though note that I broke bullet four into several videos to cover each item:

  • Set a clear vision and mission
  • Support diversity and inclusion (e.g., behavior types, thought process)
  • Value servant leadership (e.g., relate the tenets of servant leadership to the team)
  • Determine an appropriate leadership style (e.g., directive, collaborative)
  • Inspire, motivate, and influence team members/stakeholders (e.g., team contract, social contract, reward system)
  • Analyze team members and stakeholders’ influence
  • Distinguish various options to lead various team members and stakeholders

Lead a Team

We MANAGE and we LEAD. Both are important! So what’s the difference? And what does modern leadership look like?

Set a Clear Vision and Mission

Organizations have a vision and a mission. Aligned projects are selected and given the “green light.” Projects also have a vision and a mission. When things get dicey, as a project manager you can help realign your team and other stakeholders by refocusing on a shared vision.

Value Servant Leadership

Support Diversity and Inclusion

Free course mentioned in this video:

Determine an Appropriate Leadership Style

In the PMP Exam Content Outline, 1.2.5 is: INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, AND INFLUENCE TEAM MEMBERS/STAKEHOLDERS (E.G., TEAM CONTRACT, SOCIAL CONTRACT, REWARD SYSTEM) That’s quite a lot, so I will do a video on each piece, starting with INSPIRE!!

Inspire Your Team (& Other Stakeholders)

My affiliate link for the awesome Storyteller Tactics PIP Deck:

Rewards & Recognition


Check out this Intrinsic Motivation self-assessment I made using the factors used in PMI’s PMBOK 7.

Lead with Influence

Team Contracts

The awesome cartoon I mentioned is this one:

Why did I mention it? Because we want an outcome-oriented team. Perhaps your team will agree to adopt the Guiding Principle: Focus on Value.

Check out this Miro article on Team Charters with examples and templates. I also adore this Team Charter Canvas.

Analyzing Influence

On a related note, I highly recommend this free Stakeholder Management Playbook:

I also made you a Stakeholder Matrix and you can fill in the X and Y axis any way you wish, for example Power and Interest.

Distinguish Various Options to Lead Various Team Members