Episode 5: Check Yourself with Jen Polite

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In this episode, Jes interviews Jen Polite, a New York City Psychotherapist who works with those seeking personal growth and change on their journey to manage issues around anxiety, depression and situational stress. She makes self-care fun and personalized, and offers up a worthy 14-day challenge to our listeners.

  • Stop saying “that’s just the way I am.” You get to choose. The way you are is just “the way you’ve been” in the past.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself. We all have an inner dialogue which includes cognitive distortions. Learn the most prevalent ones so that you can know how to counter them.
  • Start & end your day with a self-care routine that matters to you.
  • Balance.
  • We need to be as open about mental health as we are with physical health.
  • We don’t wait until we are 60 to eat right and exercise. Self-care (including mental healthcare) needs to happen now

The challenge:

  • You know that one thing that’s been bugging you and you’ve been meaning to change? Research how to work on it, and make some moves!

Where to find Jen:

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