Episode 4: Ring and Run with Tara Grieb

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In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Tara Grieb, the creator of ZilchZeroWasteGoods.com. She gives us tips on how to clean our homes in a healthy way! Environmental wellness is a two-way street: it involves making sure we are spending time in healthy environments (inside and out) as well as doing our part to keep the environment safe for other life forms. I like doodling the 8 dimensions of wellness as little loops that are interconnected. All 8 of my dimensions of wellness energize or de-energize each other. AND, some of my dimensions of wellness overlap with yours! It’s easy to see how we are all connected in wellness. How I treat the environment affects YOU and vice versa.


Environmental Wellness: Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your health and well-being; Being aware of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment; Demonstrating commitment to a healthy planet  (SOURCE: NIH)


Tara offers advice on the following and so much more:

  • The versatility of Castile Oil
  • Why vinegar is your BFF around the house
  • Unpapers
  • Why it’s never to late to start and you absolutely don’t have to do it all!

Tara challenged all of us to keep track of all the plastic and single use items we use within a week! Download your challenge here!


Check out Zero Zilch Waste Goods online:

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