What’s Your Love Mission?

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The 3-FOLD MISSION of superconscious leaders is:

  • To amplify love
  • To call back to love that which has been imprinted with something other than love
  • To be a guardian (steward, protector) of love

We all show up with a mix of the above. The simple quiz below may help you to understand which of these resonates with you the most. Go with the answer choice that first snags your attention.

Discover Your Love Mission Quiz

Answer each question based on the specific scenarios that resonate with you the most.

  1. When you see injustice or suffering in the world, you typically feel called to:
    a. Be a proponent of the solution to this injustice, like actively advocating and educating about the solution.
    b. Reach out to provide compassion, support, and healing to those in need.
    c. Protect people from this injustice, like standing up against discrimination and advocating for those who are marginalized.
  2. In a group or team setting, your natural inclination is to:
    a. Create an environment of psychological safety where everyone feels valued and heard.
    b. Mediate conflicts and help individuals reconcile their differences.
    c. Speak up as an advocate for those whose voices might be marginalized, allowing them to share their voice without hindrance.
  3. When you encounter someone going through a difficult life transition, you are most likely to:
    a. Offer guidance and mentorship to help them navigate the challenges and flourish.
    b. Provide a safe space for them to express their emotions and offer nonjudgmental support, facilitating healing and repairing emotional wounds.
    c. Step in to protect them from further harm, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  4. Your approach to personal growth involves:
    a. Developing your own potential and supporting others in unlocking their gifts, like mentoring and coaching.
    b. Reflecting on your own past experiences to gain insights into what your next best shifts are, focusing on healing and transformation.
    c. Shielding yourself from toxic influences and situations that hinder your growth and well-being.
  5. When conflicts arise, your instinct is to:
    a. Collaborate and seek consensus in finding a resolution, strengthening the relationships in the process.
    b. Use assertive communication to address the issue while maintaining a focus on mending the relationship and any other harm incurred.
    c. Advocate for the importance of addressing underlying causes and systemic issues, and actively protect people from the spread of this conflict, ensuring their well-being.
  6. In your communication with others, you often emphasize:
    a. The importance of love, joy, inner peace, and connection, like spreading messages of growth and the importance of compassion.
    b. The need for empathy, compassion, and understanding, like teaching frameworks to transform issues and promote healing.
    c. The urgency of protecting and preserving the integrity of love by speaking hard truths.


  • Mostly a’s: You resonate most with amplifying, spreading, and promoting love, positivity, and growth; your love mission is focused on Amplifying Love.
  • Mostly b’s: You resonate with healing, understanding, and guiding others back to love, righting wrongs, helping with healing shifts, etc.; You resonate most with Calling Back to Love.
  • Mostly c’s: Your focus is on protecting, safeguarding, advocating and standing up for love; your love mission is aligned with Being a Guardian of Love.

Remember, each aspect is beautiful and interconnected, and your unique blend of qualities contributes to the greater mission of love. We all embody each of these aspects of the 3-FOLD MISSION (that’s why it’s a 3-FOLD MISSION).


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