Episode 11: Take Consistent Repeated Action with Confidence Coach Cornelius Simon

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In this episode, Career Success Speaker & Confidence Coach Cornelius Simon talks about confidence. The two big barriers to confidence that he sees all the time are: fear of rejection and fear of failure. These often manifest as a lack of consistent, repeated action.

Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Keep doing it.

Cornelius explains how shifting focus from external validation and outcomes to an inner dialogue makes all the difference. Doing your “imperfect best” and not comparing yourself to others is key. Other insights:

  • Think of confidence as “your belief in yourself that you will have a positive outcome”
  • Do things that rate at least a 7 on the “Belief Scale” (set yourself up to success)
  • We get wrapped up in particular identities (eg career, military) and need to step out of our comfort zones when change happens
  • We gain confidence for doing it
  • Don’t think “failure” think “setback”
  • Adopt an Achievement Mindset — this helps you focus on action
  • Choose a worthy goal that is believable to you

Listen to this episode to find out more and to hear about Cornelius’s challenge for you!

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