Episode 10: Get Comfortable in the Uncomfortable with Liana Vizcarrondo

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Liana Vizcarrondo is a Beachbody Coach and a handbag designer for Tommy Hilfiger. In this episode she gives us 5 tips regarding how to get out of our comfort zones! Are you ready to take her challenge? We are also doing a RistRoller.com giveaway with Liana!

Liana’s tips:

  1. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable
  2. Take baby steps — break you bigger goals into little goals that you can accomplish along the way
  3. Breathe! It sounds silly, but breathing is so important. (If you own your breath, no one can steal your peace!)
  4. Create a Bucket List of your fears and start working through those
  5. Reflect on: What’s holding you back? What’s your WHY for going forward?


This episode’s challenge:

Find a buddy & commit to working out together this week!


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