Our Epic Review of Casper: Buy One

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June 2016:

My daughter recently bought a Casper California King and a pillow. When I visited a week or so ago, she told me I needed to get one. I said:

“No, I need to buy a vacuum, an air filter, the IRS audited me…”

…and I tried her Casper for a few minutes, with the key decision makers besides me (Theodore and Bella, my two dogs). As they romped around the bed in delight and I experienced the wonder of this product, I declared “Fine, I’m getting one!”

I ordered mine (and a pillow). Usually semi-squeemish about asking off from work or to work from home, last Thursday I announced: I MISSED GETTING MY CASPER YESTERDAY, I HAVE TO WORK FROM HOME TOMORROW.

A lawyer called me because Google gave him my name as someone he should speak to for this multi-million dollar lawsuit he is working on. Knock, knock, knock.

“Hang on!” I tell the guy (lawyer). “My Casper is here! OMG I have been waiting for it ALL DAY.” (I proceed to rave like a school girl to him about how the mattress left UPS at 6am and now it was past 6pm, and I was starting to lose hope…)

So I get the mattress inside. We all savor the monumental opening of the box and unrolling. (“We” meaning, me and the dogs.) I have no way of getting rid of my old mattress, so now my bedroom is a bed (pause) room. That is OK. The dogs like beds. Bella (all 4.4 pounds of her) claims the Casper. Theodore claims my old mattress. I hope Bella plans to share.



Fast forward to 1 year later. Here is what I love:

  • Maintained its shape and firmness; it’s still perfect
  • Kept it’s promise of being supportive, with a little bounce to it
  • It doesn’t make me feel hot
  • Their customer service rocks
  • The dogs actually share this bed with me
  • And… I got a congrats on my Bediversary to boot