Behind the Meme: Choose Kindness

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Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke about the ego being the “earth guide only,” the lower level of awareness within each of us that views us as separate from everyone and everything else. He also refers to a higher level of awareness, one that is connected as opposed to separate, and he called this the sacred self or higher self. It’s like we have 2 people within us: One that feels separate and claims things to be “mine” and constantly needs to be right (the ego), and one that seeks to only to be at peace (the higher self). Is there a higher self that you articulate for yourself? Is it your connected self? The beastly you versus the egoic you? The soulful you? Your spirit? Think about this and come up with a term you are comfortable with. It will be a term for something bigger than your ego.
Dr. Dyer is famous for saying: “When you have a choice — and you always do — to be right, or to be kind, start picking kind.” Watch him explain this below. Choose kindness. In doing so, you let that higher, bigger, peaceful you shine, and you tell that “earth guide only” to chill a little… and we are all the better for it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer on Kindness: 

(Watch on Youtube.)

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