Podcast Episode 42: Akashic Wisdom for Bold Living with Jeni Holla

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I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview the captivating Jeni Holla for this profile. Our conversation did not disappoint! Jeni’s authenticity, passion and wisdom shone through as she shared enthralling tales of self-discovery from her decades of world exploration. In addition to her adventures, Jeni also provided fascinating insights into her work as an Akashic Records guide and teacher. As the Akashic Nomad, she helps others delve into their personal Akashic records to uncover past life information and spiritual guidance to illuminate their path forward. Jeni’s knowledge of these cosmic records and her ability to share their empowering wisdom is remarkable. She truly walks the talk of bold living, and I believe we all have much to learn from her example. Interviewing this dynamic life adventurer was a highlight, and I look forward to hearing more of Jeni’s story.

Connect with Jeni: https://www.facebook.com/jenihollaadventure/

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