Podcast Episode 41: Face Your Dragon with Brad Axelrad

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing transformational coach Brad Axelrad. Our wide-ranging conversation touched on many topics, from his nomadic lifestyle as a digital nomad to our thoughts on IFS (internal family systems) to movie recommendations to using the spirit molecule expand consciousness, and of course, his life’s work.

For over a decade, transformational coach Brad Axelrad has been dedicated to helping leaders face their fears and step into their power to create thriving, purpose-driven businesses. He has produced over 150 live events and spoken from nearly 300 stages, interviewing industry giants like John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many more along the way. Brad has been a proud Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) since 2010, as well as a Co-Founder of ATL Costa Rica founded in 2017. Through his ongoing mission to show tomorrow’s leaders how to embody success without sacrifice, Brad has helped transform thousands of lives.

Public speaking used to be Brad’s biggest fear, but now it has become his greatest agent for changing lives. Recognizing that speaking is the fastest way to create impact, Brad shares his message about utilizing fear to fuel your purpose and income through interactive presentations. Having presented next to prolific speakers at nearly 300 stages, Brad’s talks command attention and provide the means to turn fear into freedom. His signature presentations like “Leverage Your Fear Into Your Great Work In The World” and “The 5 Dragons That Stop You From Sharing Your Message” empower audiences to move from apathy to action. Brad has spoken to diverse audiences like those at the Fear of Success Summit, Message to Money Live with Marisa Murgatroyd, and ATL conferences with thought leaders like Jack Canfield, John Gray, and don Miguel Ruiz.

Brad Axelrad is dedicated to leveraging his greatest former fear of public speaking to now empower others to face their dragons, step into their power, and create thriving businesses aligned with their purpose.

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