Podcast Episode 37: Friendship Forward: 2 Solopreneurs Share Their Soulful Adventures

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In this episode, Self-Love Coach and Consultant Shana Auguste (JustLuvCoaching.com) and Jessika Jake (BetterAndBetterer) catch up on life as business women on opposite coasts.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Interestingly, since AI was mentioned in this podcast, we used AI (Midjourney) to create the post pic, with the prompt “Imagine love over the airwaves.” We also used AI to help come up with a great title which signifies that this podcast (and more to come like it) are not interviews, but rather catch ups in the life of a budding growth-oriented friendship between 2 entrepreneurs. Here were Chat GPT’s suggestions:

  1. “The Betterment Chronicles: Nurturing Growth-Oriented Friendships”
  2. “Elevate & Inspire: Catching Up on Achievements and Goals”
  3. “Soulful Pursuits: Friendship, Growth, and Spiritual Adventures”
  4. “Progress Parleys: Unleashing Accomplishments and Friendship”
  5. “Journey to Success: Friendship, Goals, and Spiritual Exploration”
  6. “The Growth Lab: Nurturing Friendship, Accomplishments, and Spirituality”
  7. “Friendship Fuel: Empowering Betterment, Catching Up, and Spiritual Adventures”
  8. “Growth Matters: Celebrating Accomplishments, Goals, and Meaningful Connections”
  9. “Friendship Forward: Uniting Betterment, Catching Up, and Spiritual Journeys”
  10. “Onward and Upward: Exploring Accomplishments, Goals, and Friendship”
  11. “The Path of Growth: Friendship, Achievements, and Spiritual Adventures”
  12. “Beyond Boundaries: Friendship, Betterment, and Embarking on Spiritual Quests”
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