Podcast Episode 30: Would You Like a Side of Healing with Your Professional Training? Engineer Sachin Karve Shares How He Became a Quantum Healer and How Maybe You Can Too!

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(…or watch on YouTube by clicking here!)

Visit Sachin’s website: https://instanthealingtherapy.com/

Learn his Quantum Healing Method: https://instanthealingtherapy.com/Learn-Quantum-Healing/

Buy his Book: https://instanthealingtherapy.com/E-Book/

P.S. Since I forgot to ask Sachin for a listener challenge or invite to listeners while speaking with him, why not try his Effortless Meditation for the next 2 weeks?

P.P.S. Here is the video he often shares to show how though we neither see energy, nor the frequency of electromagnetic ways, these effect the structure in the physical world. Seriously, we don’t see the microwaves, but we the cookie we decided to put in there burst into flames (I’m looking at you, Jade).