Episode 2: Find Your Stern Librarian with Jerin Jones

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Jerin Jones, improv enthusiast shares her expertise with us, covering how improv relates to life, work, and health. She gives us so many games to try out, alone or with others. You will fall in love with her and be inspired for sure. Below is a free download of games you can take with you to work for a team building, as well as a couple of solo ideas.

This episode’s challenge is to do something improv! Ideas:

  • When you wake up, fill in some Mad Libs (find a Mad Libs book you like on Amazon)
  • Play the sound game (see the PDF below)
  • Play the question game with a friend over coffee (see PDF below)
  • BONUS CHALLENGE: Go take a free class near you!

Click here to download!

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  • The Improv Handbook : So many amazing fun games to play and dig into Improv for beginners!  This is a go to for sooooo many fun and easy-to-learn games.
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