Episode 19: The LAUGH Model for Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode

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Over the weekend I came out of retirement to post Episode 19 — The LAUGH Model for Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode. Yes, be serious. Yes, be prepared, and make smart decisions. AND also take time to LAUGH, reclaim resilience, experience genuine positive emotions. This can HELP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM (when stress hits, our executive brains, immune system, digestive system and reproductive system all go on the back burner). This is pretty much my  talk at the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor conference. I did the talk, made an online course, and wrote a book. The audio in this episode is taken from the course.

As with all content on this site, this ‘model’ is meant for personal development and wellness and not intended to be a substitute for getting professional guidance and help.

2021 update: Now, rather than talking about “killing ANTS,” I prefer to recommend IFS.

To see what I’m talking about, take this course for free. Use the code episode19 after you add the course to your cart. If you are curious, here is a screenshot of what the course will look like… So you will see video to go along with the audio you heard on the podcast, and I have added a sh*t ton of resources for each topic. You also can grab the workbook and the wallet-sized cheat sheet.