Episode 8: Manage Your Thoughts with Aneesh Chaudhry

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Marijuana and Your Brain

As promised in this week’s episode… the “Marijuana Brain”

Listen to The Brain Warrior’s Way podcast episodes that relate to marijuana and your brain.


Here’s a link to a Psychology Today article that lists 50 Common Cognitive Distortions. What exactly is CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)? Find out here.


Dr. Amen came up with the acronym ANTs to mean “Automatic Negative Thoughts.” Read more about the “ants” and how to “kill” them (or flick ’em away into ‘ol yonder, if you are a pacifist).

While CBT and Dr Amen’s ANTs approach to thought errors offers valuable insights, it’s crucial to remember that these mental shortcuts come from a place of helpful intent. If you find that reframing these thought patterns isn’t doing the trick, don’t hesitate to explore more body-based and trauma-informed therapies. Polyvagal theory, IFS, and Havening Techniques provide comprehensive avenues for exploring more deeply, allowing you to address the emotional and physiological roots of your reactions… and uninstall these (or otherwise “call them back to love,” as I like to say). In this way, you are not signing on for a never ending whack-a-mole game of “squashing thought errors,” but rather making fundamental shifts that uncover internal harmony! Remember, your emotional toolkit can be as diverse as you are. Keep exploring, and stay curious!

Aneesh’s Challenge to You! (And me!)

Week 1:
If you have not tried deep breathing, learn how to do this by watching the video below:

Once you have that down, try Aneesh’s Thought Management Exercise. For 5 minutes, mediate as follows: Imagine that you are sitting in a chair, or on your couch, looking at a TV. Any thoughts you have will appear on the TV and scroll off. Watch your thoughts no judgments or expectations. Simply allow them to scroll off the screen and refocus back to your breath.

Week 2:

This week you will meditate in the same manner for 10 minutes. Afterwards, spend 5 minutes journaling about your experience. With no pre-planning or expectations,  just share your experience and what comes to mind.

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