The Growing List of Playful Rituals

One of our favorite challenges is the Playful Ritual Challenge. Simply adopt a “playful ritual” and do it everyday for 14 days! But don’t stop there. You will probably get hooked on the power of play and want to incorporate more play into your life. Here is our growing list of ideas. Remember: Safety first! 

Also, here is a link to the **Complimentary** Wellness Goodies that we created ( You will see a section called Challenge Cards, and you can download the PDF from there. The “goodies” are all really cool. We have coloring sheets and workbooks — including a handout for the Playful Ritual Rx.  You’ll love it! (For the Challenge Cards, we used a standard “business card” template. They will print well as Avery business cards, for example… or else you can just print them on normal paper or card stock and cut them out yourself.)

  1. Set your AM Alarm to play ridiculous music. (The techno remix of Teletubbies perhaps?)
  2. Have your Alexa tell you to do something playful… “This is a reminder to get up and yodel for three minutes.”
  3. Learn this dance.
  4. Copy Ellen… she starts her shows by dancing (sometimes up the aisles) and then tossing a mint high in the air that she tries to catch with her mouth.
  5. Dance with your cat.
  6. Sing holiday music… when it’s not in season.
  7. Do “Super Brain Yoga” to Justin Bieber’s Despicito
  8. Sing old school cartoon theme songs… loudly… out your car window… in traffic…
  9. Salsa dance before starting creative endeavors (e.g. meal prepping). (Nicole Tirado)
  10. Play with my dog! #DogEqualsHappy
  11. Laugh during your commute: when someone drives good, when someone doesn’t drive well, when you make a mistake (Hahaha instead of beep, beep,beep!)
  12. Dance to the Happy song while driving
  13. <<coming soon!>>