My Spiritual Concierge

We are all perfect spiritual beings having a human experience. There are no masters, no gurus, no credentials. In helping people with the “human” aspect of “human being,” I help them get better and betterer at all the human stuff. When it comes to the “being” aspect of “human being,” I am here, as a Spiritual Adventurer myself to help amplify love by being your concierge.

What’s your next adventure?

Your SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is already perfect! Remember and reconnect to your 100% perfect spirit through love, play, and self-transcendent emotions.

Love is all there is, all that matters, and always the answer.

About Jessika Jake

I was born in Brooklyn Queens and ultimately raised on Long Island. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry (neuroscience was my fave) and always loved helping people via teaching, mostly test prep (and helping them feel confident and have fun while doing so). My masters is in Instructional Technology. I taught topics from the MCAT sciences to IT infrastructure library to (facilitating) The SQ Workshop. I work in learning and development and have a bunch of coaching, wellness and professional certifications. I regard myself as a spiritual adventurer and love helping others connect to their 100% perfect spirit. I also ❤️ dogs and have 2 cuties living with me in sunny San Diego. Aside from living as tapped in to my intuitive spirit as possible, my spiritual adventures include:

  • Shallow NDE (Near Death Experience)
  • SCE (Shared Crossing Experience)
  • Nondual / Oneness Experiences
  • OBEs (out of body experiences)
  • Prophetic dreams, intuitive messages, evidential mediumship
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Silva Ultramind

I’m Honored & Happy to be Your Spiritual Concierge

(I’m not your coach, I’m your helpful concierge)

Contact me to discuss a custom consulting package!

What we provide

I Help with the “Suit” Stuff Too!(Biological Space Suit)

Need Help Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode?

Join hundreds of people who benefited from my L.A.U.G.H. Model… a FUN way to get your whole entire biological space suit out of “ever-stressed” mode.

When we’re in ever-stressed mode, the biological spacesuit is helpfully/”helpfully” hyper-focused on survival for us… not tuning in to the ever-perfect, ever-bright guidance of our intuitive spirit.

Looking to Explore Your Confidence Blockers?

Ever wonder why you are successful in so many ways, but can’t seem to move the needle in 1 or 2 areas?

…Why someone who’s so busy, on the move & always grinding can be so stuck in that 1 annoying way?

Your blind spot may be confidence-related.

Ever notice that the word

“confidence” is too broad? The framework I share sub-categorizes 9 different types of confidence blind spots.

I’ll share my favorite tools with you, including Havening Touch! These tools will help you align your minds.

Seeking to Connect to Your Sense of Purpose?

Join thousands of people who benefited from my Me on Purpose program.
Do you seek meaning and fulfillment? 

There’s a saying: Don’t chase happiness, chase meaning. The good news is, that when you find meaning you are happier! (And it’s a longer lasting kind of happy too!)

Connecting with a sense of purpose has been shown to have these positive health benefits:

  • longer life (adds 7 years to your life expectancy)
  • healthier heart & brain
  • improved relationships
  • enhanced dedication to all aspects of your self-care  

Interested in any of the above? Contact Me!

Are you the D.I.Y. type of human? Check out my ever-growing “round up” of spiritual and embodied coaching resources!

Contact us

Me on Purpose Workbook… The Workshop at Your Fingertips!

By understanding your values & sense of purpose, you will have a “check in” point for all decisions you make in life. You gain a spark in your soul & a shine in your eyes that helps the world be a better place. Yes, a happy, connected YOU walking around makes a big difference to the rest of us!

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Hi there! Better & Betterer focuses on personal development and wellness. For us, personal development is all about expanding knowledge and capabilities. We look at wellness across 8 dimensions: physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial, vocational, intellectual, and spiritual. Breaking down the term “human beings”…. As humans we can grow across those first 7 dimensions. As beings, the 8th (spiritual) dimension is already ever-at 100%… so this one is about reconnecting and remembrance. <3

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Love is all there is, all that matters, and always the answer.

– Jessika Jake

My Spiritual Conceirge

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