Spiritual & Embodied Coaching Models and Tools Round Up

(for self-coaching and exploration as well)

These are not in any particular order.

  1. In Amen University’s Brain Health Coach program Dr. Amen teaches the 4 Circles. This could be helpful when coaching as a spiritual coach (I prefer the term concierge).

    Also, I have not gone too deep with his “tame your dragons” stuff, but I can see how each dragon relates to under/over activity in the brain systems (summary here) that we were trained on as Brain Health Coaches. “Tame” is too harsh for me…. We would want to LOVE on our dragons… At this point I am not sure if that is what Dr. Amen recommends, but that is what I would recommend. See #3 below.

    You might want to do/have your coachee take the Name Your Dragons quiz and then use more love-oriented recommendations from there.

    Note: Back when I got certified as a Brain Health Coach at Amen University we were taught “Kill the ANTS.” ANTS = automatic negative thoughts.

    Now I recommend things like IFS’s 6 F’s, lucid dreaming, etc… (See #3 for more on IFS.)

  2. 33 Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (free)

    Buy his books eg Proof of Heaven, Living in a Mindful Universe

  3. IFS = Science-backed Internal Family Systems, started in the 1980’s, acknowledges “multiplicity of mind,” what we usually refer to as “parts” as well as the part that’s not a part: Self.

    Goals: more Self Energy in the system, parts are guided by Self. Inner harmony.

    NOTE: All parts have good intentions, so we always welcome our parts and help them to unburden so they can take on a more productive role.


    (Scroll down for worksheets.)


    Buy books by Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Frank Anderson, etc for more info. There are also lots of good YouTube’s… guided meditations, etc, PESI offerings, etc, articles (eg this one from the Institute of Coaching which also includes a video and this article by Dr. Margaret Moore ).

  4. Shaman Durek’s 30 Days Strong (free)

    See also: https://shamandurek.com/product/messages-beyond-the-veil-meditation/

    Buy his book: Spirit Hacking

  5. One Mind United in Hope and Healing (free series)

    NDE’s, spiritual partnerships, etc


  6. Science of human consciousness beyond death: https://bigelowinstitute.org/contest_winners3.php

    Also: http://ebenalexander.com/independent-medical-review-validates-facts/

  7. Sacred Acoustics bundle (free option is available)


  8. Stress-busting Marconi Union music: Weightless


  9. Chakra Yoga playlist:

    If you like approaching spiritual and embodied coaching from the perspective of chakras, buy Eastern Body Western Mind book by Anodea Judith, and others… check her out on YouTube (ex: 7 Keys, Charging Up)

  10. The work of Dr. Wayne Dyer (books, YouTubes)

  11. Peter Russell From Science to God Book, etc


    You might also like: https://betterandbetterer.com/what-the-f-am-i-the-deliciousness-of-science-spirit/

  12. Lucid Dreaming and Shadow Work — anything by Charlie Morley

  13. EFT Tapping, Havening Touch (YouTube has many options)

    I highly recommend taking the PESI certificate course on Havening Touch (6h). You can then use at least of a couple of protocols with your coaching clients.

  14. Polyvagal Theory (PVT) – Know what physiological state you are in (3 main states)

    Also good: ANS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdIQRxwT1I0

    PVT Blended states: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27FSiBqEDUs

    Watch Video 3 Here (PVT in coaching): https://www.coachesrising.com/embodiedcoaching-video1/

    I’ve posted here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/polyvagal-theory/

    Books: Anything by Deb Dana, her flip chart, books, courses

  15. Positivity:Negativity Ratio

    Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s book Positivity

    I’ve posted on this here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/positivity/

    and here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/emotional-wellness/

    and here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/destress/

  16. Art (and more)

    I’ve posted on this here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/spiritual-wellness/

  17. Connection to Purpose & Values

    I’ve posted on this here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/purpose/
    and here: https://betterandbetterer.com/tag/values/

  18. Dr. Daniel Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness


  19. Michael Taft’s nondual meditation series