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International Speaker & Trainer, WELCOA Faculty, Master Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach, B.S. BioChemistry, M.S. Instructional Technology

Jessika creates & leads programs at the nexus of leadership & wellness, drawing from such disciplines as the brain science of thriving, neuro-positivity (especially therapeutic humor), & Host Leadership. In addition to inspiring & empowering her attendees to be resilient & claim optimal wellness, she helps individuals & organizations achieve purpose-aligned impact at spectacular levels. For example:

  • 97% – 325% increase in effective hourly rate (bottom line)
  • 130% increase in productivity (outcome-aligned billable time)

…all while boosting employee morale, collaboration, retention, personal & professional growth, & team well-being.

Outside of the workplace she is known for her Inner Game Boot Camp, for co-hosting the Better And Betterer Podcast, & co-creating RistRoller, the mini foam roller.

What works in life brings life to work

The “Accidental Great Connector”

“Mine is the story of being the ‘accidental great connector.’ Due to my track record of results, I was being asked by agencies & businesses to be the fixer — fixing processes, roles, offerings, bottom lines, & so forth… Truth be told, I caught the eye of the powers that be because of my tech and management certifications & experience: PMP, Agile, Servant Leadership, Fortune 100/500… Little did any of us know at the time, I was moving to Host Leadership, a framework that uses the host-guest analogy (rather than servant-master, or the old school, outdated controller-controlled analogy). Host Leadership includes 6 roles that the ‘Host’ fills: Initiator, Inviter, Space Creator, Gatekeeper, Connector, Co-Participator. I found the key dots to connect, building bridges from the individuals’ (aka guests’) minds, hearts, values, purpose, and goals to the TEAM… to the DEPARTMENT… to the C-SUITE and the ORG itself. We’re talking cutting edge leadership combined with science-backed, brain-based, human-centric solutions that create WIN-WINS.”

~ Jessika Jake


Individual & organizational improvements rooted in the neuroscience of thriving & performance, best practice leadership & service management.

Find the common grounds & get uncommon results

Learn more about Host Leadership and how to be a “great connector” by understanding the key dots to connect for optimal performance & wellbeing.


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Below are the topics Jessika generally speaks about and trains teams on:

Engage, Assess + Align

Inspire Fragmented Teams

Build Collaboration

Increase Performance

Reduce Inconsistencies in Leadership Styles

Mend + Build Relationships

Purpose + Values


Diversity Icebreaker

Continual Improvement

Personal + Professional Growth

Peer Coaching (Team Training)

Process Improvements


Attitudes / Mindset


Assertiveness / Boundaries

Certification Prep (PMP, ITIL)

Resilient Individuals + Teams Make Resilient Organizations

Well-being / 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Neuro-positivity / Brain Health

Emotional Accountability

Outlook / Attitudes

Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode


Conflict Management


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