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Did you know...

...90% of adults in the U.S.A. believe that there's an afterlife?

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...Research from many disciplines point to a paradigm shift whereby conscious awareness is acknowledged as the foundation for all that is?

...Spirituality & religion are not synonymous?

...Your SQ is already at 100 percent (aka already perfect)?

Are you ready to connect more deeply to your spirit?

What we provide

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Workshop Objectives:

#1 To explore post-materialism* via an analogy of a biological space suit (form) and spirit (formless).

*Materialism says that consciousness is a biproduct of chemistry. We ask: "Are you a spiritual being having a human experience?"

And then we play... A lot.

Yes, that's silly string.

#2 To understand the helpfulness / "helpfulness" of the biological spacesuit and how this affects our connection to spirit.

Everything about the biological space suit has helpful (or "helpful") roots.

We'll explore how which of the suit's features allow for a deeper connection with spirit.

Spoiler alert: Love is literally always the answer when adjusting our suits to connect more deeply with spirit.

#3 To understand the health and spiritual benefits of 'getting to GREEN,' as well as addressing intuition and 'mystic emotion.'

We'll explore the workings of the biological space suit either allows spirit to shine through or blocks it a bit... or a lot.

The suit is built to block out quite a lot of information. Within the suit, we aren't picking up on every bit of information that abounds in conscious awareness and a consciously aware universe. Why? Can you imagine tuning into all radio stations at the same time?

"I thought that this was going to be a lot of terminology and teaching, but in the end it was really simple... The answer really is always love." - Luis

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"In all my research I have never come across matter. To me the term matter implies a bundle of energy that is driven by an intelligent spirit."

– Max Planck

Feel the Feels

Part of our exploration includes self-transcendent emotions... and you won't simply hear about these, you will FEEL these!

Deceptively Fun

Example: Using light to explore near death experiences (NDE's) leads to participants creating scenarios to describe other mystic phenomena, explaining their ideas to each other.

The biological spacesuit is always helpful or "helpful." What's going on in the suit affects how much spirit can "shine through."

Science and Research-Based Analogies and Activities

Mystical Experiences

Near-Death Experience Case Studies and Research

Science of Intention Studies

Additional Mystical Experience Research


Quantum Physics

The Theory of Cosmopsychism

Brain Wave Research

Life Sciences

Polyvagal Theory


Multiplicity of Mind


Affective Neuroscience

Brain Science

Self-Transcendent Emotions

Altered States Research

"This made me understand a lot of things in new ways... and I will remember this... The spacesuit and the spirit... The spirit flash light coming out of form... The silly string... I really liked the feather model... 'What's always the answer?' ha,ha,ha...."

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