Looking to Change Your Mind? Here’s a Few Different Ways to Look at It

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Hi there! In this video I share some different ways you might want to think about what’s going on in your noggen & I recommend a bunch of awesome books for you to check out. Why bother? Well, as part of physical wellness, physical brain health is key, so there’s that. Also, taking a stance on how you view your brain will help you with your goals involving emotional hygiene, stress eradication, intellectual wellness, focus, etc. Your brain is the physical part of your body, and your mind handles consciousness and cognition. Each one affects the other. So the state of your physical brain affects your mind, and what you think affects what parts of your brain is being used. You can change both your physical brain and your mind. It’s kinda cool.

Ways of looking at it:

  • Brain view — that big ‘ol loveable lump; you may want to focus on what parts of your brain you are using (you know, the lizardy parts or the more beastly ones)
  • Emotional systems view — we have at least 7 emotional systems wired into each and every one of us
  • Emotions view — here you focus on your positivity to negativity ratio

I also mention a few more things that I don’t get too deep into:

  • Mindsets — these are apps for your brain
  • Mindset Crafting — create an awesome app for yerself; Grab our free e-Book, the Little Book of Big Mindsets
  • Thought shifts — as you run your app, in your mind (O.S.), in your brain (hardware), here’s the stream of what’s coming out… all the 0’s and 1’s if you will

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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